Don’t be a dummy. Choose Sewelltech for your IT needs

Sewelltech assessed our needs and offered services that were a good fit for what we needed, at a price that fit for a business of our size. Sewelltech is always responsive and knows us and our systems well. There aren’t a bunch of questions or processes we have to go through. Just a quick email and they are on it. If you are on the fence about choosing us an IT firm, Don’t be a dummy. Choose Sewelltech for your IT needs. You’ll be glad you choose SewellTech, they’ll provide personal service and they have become like an extension of our own team, they’ve given me confidence in the IT world where before I only had headaches.

Jeff Breazeale Principal
The Matchbox Studio

No headaches, reliable, consistent, and smart support

Sewelltech provides us with quick, efficient, No headaches, reliable, consistent, smart support. No offense, but most IT people want to educate me on how the computer was built, but honestly, just like a car, I need it to perform. IT is Sewelltech’s area of expertise and not mine. With Sewelltech, you will receive exceptional service, fair pricing, and that you know you in good hands. I have no complaints, and that alone is a huge compliment.

Samantha Reitmayer Sano Owner
SWOON the studio

Sewelltech’s Managed Services lets you do what you do best, run your company.

The biggest benefit of using Sewelltechs’s Managed Services is the personal touch. Sewelltech isn’t like other companies with a one size fits all approach. They tailor an approach that works for you and your companies unique needs. Most IT firms give you the option of a solution that fits but doesn’t help you understand why it works best. Sewelltech excels at helping you understand the problem and solution. You will not regret using Sewelltech for your IT needs, and it just lets you do what you do best, run your company.

Tyler Laughlin International Builders Supply

On Call Trusted Resource 24/7

We have worked with Sewelltech since 2000. David and his team have been with us every step of the way, helping expand our systems and networks to accommodate our growth. The single biggest benefit in using David and the team is their service and having an on-call, trusted resource who knows our business and IT needs.

They are better than any IT firm we have used before. David and his staff are knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. This helps me navigate the most cost-effective solutions to our IT problems.

Don’t be on the fence about hiring Sewelltech; it’s a very uncomfortable place to be. Give them a shot and see how they will help your business. Sewelltech is a tremendous resource that we could not do without.

Doug Miller Chief Financial Officer

No headaches, reliable, consistent, and smart support

Sewelltech did a great job of evaluating our needs and giving us a practical, appropriate hardware and software solution for our small business. Sewelltech was able to implement the solution in such a way that all our employees are capable of utilizing the technology with no difficult technical hurdles to overcome. The system works transparently in the background as if our guys were sitting at their desks. It has enabled our employees' full access to our internal systems from home, job sites, and other remote locations. Previously our staff was limited to the files and information they took with them on their laptops or pushed to a cloud platform. Through the introduction of a robust VPN solution, we can know to maintain our information on the secure local network for authenticated remote access, rather than just having raw data floating around on thumb drives and dropbox.
I would absolutely recommend Sewelltech. They have been easy to work with from the beginning. Fulfilled our needs with little guidance from us, and have been proactive since the installation in keeping us notified of any updates or security issues that may affect our implementation. They went above and beyond during our setup, cleaning up existing networking issues on our system simply to be certain our new VPN service worked at the best performance. Before completing the install, Sewelltech ensured that all machines were working properly and that the more technically proficient staff had an understanding & access to the system to allow for self-help if needed. Sewelltech provides great service with a friendly, approachable attitude.

Shane Bostick Architect

They treat us like we are their only client with concierge treatment!

Sewelltech provides amazing customer service and support, they are truly part of our team.
I have never had an issue that has taken more than a few minutes to get a reply back. I send an email that generates a ticket and I get an immediate reply that it has been assigned to a technician. Once assigned I get an email within minutes telling me the status, which in most cases the status report back says the issue was resolved or fixed.
There is never a time that goes by without someone stopping by to make sure all is well with our network and that we are running smoothly.
It takes the pressure off knowing someone has your back at all times!

Angela Brennan Practice Administrator
Regional Plastic Surgery Center & Spa

We have an IT “partner” and not just an IT service ”provider”

Sewelltech provides us recommendations/direction that are best suited for us as a client.
The level of responsiveness is great and we feel as though we have an IT “partner” and not just an IT service” provider”.
We know how to focus on driving our own business growth and we are subject matter experts in our field.
We are not IT experts but cannot operate properly without this critical function. To be successful, it is important for any organization to make sure that they have the right people working on the right things at the right time. For us…having Sewelltech managing our IT needs ensures we are able to focus on the things that we do best without having to sacrifice the tools/service we need to get the job done.

Lisa‑Beth Galvin​ President
Cre8 Direct, Inc.