We live in the Information Age where countless data is created, transmitted, and stored. We live in the Electronics Age where numerous electric-powered machines aid in these tasks.

The reality of living in this time of technological innovation is that the power to run these machines can't keep up (at least not yet). In many locations electricity generation, transmission and distribution have not evolved at the same pace as computer and communications equipment. What was built years ago for powering factories producing manufactured goods is struggling to adapt to provide continuous, sufficient-grade power to sensitive electronics processing valuable information.

What Is a Power Event?
Sags, surges, noise, spikes, blackouts, what really happens to connected devices when they experience a power anomaly? A lightning strike is a frequent example, although it is just one of countless problems that can strike your equipment.

Imagine lightning has just struck a nearby transformer. If the surge was powerful enough, it travelled instantaneously through wiring (AC, network, serial, phone lines and more) with the electrical equivalent force of a tidal wave. For PC users, the surge could have travelled into your computer via the AC outlet or phone lines. The first casualty is usually a modem or motherboard. Chips go next, and data is lost.

The Costs of Downtime
In the Information Age, data is quite valuable. It is the livelihood of businesses across the globe, whether in the form of e-mail transactions or information being delivered via a web site or correspondence or spreadsheets or any number of business applications.

The Internet has emphasized that availability equals viability. If companies do not have reliable solutions for the continuing operation of their equipment, they lose money.

Tally up the damage
Users may not be aware of the frequency with which power problems hit computers because of the protection already built into a PC. One in four PCs will, however, fall prey to out-of-bounds power events like surges and power outages. Damage to vital equipment due to a Power Event can come in many forms. It usually happens in one of many different forms, directly trough AC wiring, or through phone lines and or network connections

The Solution
According to a study by IBM, more than 120 disturbances hit a typical computer in a typical month! Some have imperceptible effects. Others cause data loss and expensive repairs. Fortunately, full UPS protection has become affordable for every computer user. Comprehensive solutions exist for all types of workstations, from network workstations. UPS protection is available, affordable, and for any serious workstation user, inevitable.

Develop a plan
Determine how much and what kind of protection you need.

Don't procrastinate
Don't wait for disaster to strike Far too many people start a plan after disaster has struck and data has been lost or expensive equipment has been
damaged. Develop your plan now!

Determine your Risk

  • UPS protection for servers
  • UPS protection for workstations
  • UPS protection for network and telecom hardware
  • Data line surge protectors

Does all of this sound foreign to you?
Sewelltech is here to help you develop and execute a plan. We can help you get the most out of your existing technology, plan for the future and invest in new technology. We can steer you away from flashy distractions that cost more than they're worth and develop a plan that offers a clear return on your technology investments. We never recommend any technology until we understand your business, your budget and your priorities.